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The heart of darkness

Within my company a CRM questionnaire was sent out recently to all those lucky enough to be using it.  The results came back last week and after compiling those and pin pointing the key issues people were having with CRM I started work on adding a few bits and pieces (mainly in the form of […]

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Net Gain

Leading such a fun life as I do, I spent last weekend reading an autobiography written by a Circus Manager in the early twentieth Century.  It was one of those proper Circus’ that could only exist before we developed a conscience about our fellow feathered and furred friends, but the bit that really interested me […]

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Uses and Usability

This week I’ve had to spend sometime musing over a new document title system.  Not the most exciting thing to write about you may think but I shall endeavour, in this short piece, to change your minds.  Wish me luck. Titles are an interesting thing, no doubt a statement you will all contest, but nevertheless […]

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