Gaston Prereth’s Business Musings

Welcome to my Business Musings.  These should not be viewed as serious treatise on business or business management, indeed, I do not even consider myself an expert as they’re many things I do not understand and many mistakes that I have made. 

However, I shall discuss abstract business matters in a fun way that will, because I will take you down avenues of thought you may never have previously trodden, give you an insight into how you view the world.

Never trust anyone who tells you what you should know.  The wise man doesn’t teach through dogma and ultimatums, they teach through challenging your current views and then allowing you to decide where to rest your hat. 

I don’t expect you to agree with me, maybe sometimes you will maybe sometimes you wont, it really doesn’t matter.  But i do hope that you think about what I say and, if you do disagree, understand why you disagree.  In that way your time, and my time, will not have been wasted and we will both be heading for a better world.


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